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The Awesome Awards Turn Two!

Posted June 30, 2015 by Toby Barazzuol

“The key to the future of the world, is finding the optimistic stories and letting them be known.” ― Pete Seeger

This month The Awesome Awards turned two. While the awards are still young, growing and learning. the response so far has been tremendous. Reflecting on the past two years, we continue to craft the Awesome Awards for 4 main reasons:

1 To celebrate everyday heroes who are making the world a better place for all of us.
2 To provide an award that is open to all, that recognizes qualities more than accomplishments
3. To strengthen communities by strengthening relationships and inspiring people
4 To highlight and gather stories of the wonderful qualities that make humans awesome

Each time an Awesome Award is presented or changes hands, it creates happiness, connection and bonding. It also creates an opportunity for a story to emerge and be captured, and it’s these optimistic stories, the ones Pete Seeger referred, that offer inspiration and hope for change. 

We used to believe that change would come from one big story, one massive new narrative that was so grand and compelling that it would simply force us to change. But what we’ve learned is that change comes via hundreds of small stories of hope, generosity, creativity, reciprocity, service, friendship, integrity, dedication, family, community and love. These stories and people remind us of what is possible and of the world we want to live in. They remind us that the potential for a better world already lives within each of us.

So consider the stories that you want to hear, the everyday heroes in your community that you want to believe in, and nominate them. The Awesome Awards offer a chance to share their story, to appreciate the qualities that you admire and respect, to celebrate the good people who are making the world a better place for all of us.  We hope they will be around for decades to come, spinning their magic wherever they go!

This is positive change through community, love and appreciation. Onwards good people!