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The Awesome Awards Turn One!

Posted May 30, 2014 by Toby Barazzuol

Wow, it’s hard to believe that a year has passed since a handful of people gathered at Eclipse Awards, unaware that they were there to launch and celebrate the very first Awesome Awards! We’ve learned a lot about the power of recognition since that magical evening last May and continually gain new insights as stories of the Awesome Awards spread and grow. In their short history since emerging in Strathcona, the Awesome Awards have travelled through dozens of communities, including visits to the White House, Cortes Island, Detroit and Bali, spreading happiness and inspiration where ever presented and received. There are now close to 30 Awesome Awards in circulation, with many more on the way! We hope that the Awesome Awards will continue to circulate for decades to come, perpetually strengthening relationships, empowering people and building stronger communities. 

So in celebrating the first year of the Awesome Awards, we look back at the top 5 things we’ve learned from them so far:

  1.  Awesomeness Abounds - everywhere you look, there are awesome people doing awesome things to make the world a better place for all of us! From the dedicated volunteers at the homeless shelters and urban gardens, to the community builders and conveners, to the teachers and caregivers of the world - we are surrounded by wonderful people who are pitching in and helping out in their own awesome ways. Our communities become richer when we appreciate and celebrate them!

  2.  Appreciation Inspires - people are always inspired by watching others get appreciated. It can either inspire people to want to accomplish the same thing, or it can inspire them to want to help and support the person being celebrated. Very often it inspires them to do both, which is why recognition is such powerful way to strengthen relationships and communities.

  3.  Energy Flows Where Attention Goes - what you appreciate, appreciates. The things you choose to recognize and celebrate will grow and spread just as quickly as the things you choose to worry and complain about. The Awesome Awards have shown us that amazing things happen when we celebrate the people and things we are grateful for. Awesome Award nominees and winners gain lots of additional support and energy simply because more people know about them.

  4.  Reciprocity Rocks - when someone does something wonderful for you, you’re more likely to do something wonderful for that person or someone else - that’s called reciprocity and it’s powerful. Reciprocity turns ripples of awesomeness into waves of awesomeness that bring us closer together.

  5.  A Nomination Itself is Recognition - simply being nominated for an Awesome Award has been an amazing experience for lots of people. Most nominees don’t seek the spotlight, yet virtually everyone feels honoured and special when their story is shared in a way that highlights their efforts and contributions.  After all, we all want to feel valued and appreciated by our community.

Recognition is transformative because it helps us see how others in our community see us and we can step into that role. When we feel valued and appreciated by our community, we are inspired to give more of ourselves to that community. So be sure to nominate someone from your community - someone that you admire and respect who makes your community a better place. You just might be amazed by what happens!

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in the Awesome Awards so far. We look forward to the years ahead as each award travels it’s unique journey from person to person, community to community, cultivating happiness and celebrating the human spirit along the way!