The Awesome Awards - Nominations

WandaB Green

Nominated by Ashley Benton
June 28, 2017
I am nominating Wanda Green for this award for all of the great things that she has done and continues to do selflessly in her community. Wanda has raised awareness for for Breast Cancer thru many Cancer walks. She has fought for marriage equality in the LGBT community. She has also raised funds, painted beautiful signs, and cut grass for a domestic violence women's shelter to make it more pleasurable and comfortable for the residents. Wanda has been a huge inspiration in her community and thru out her life. She has saved many lives due to violence and has even organized an event called Honk Your Horn to stop the violence! She also mentors young at risk children due to poverty, drugs, and harsh environments. So many people look up to Wanda that she's decided to write a book to inspire people all over the world that may have walked a mile in her shoes. The many accolades could go on and on of her humanitarian acts. Wanda is a great and giving person. She even takes time out of her busy day to make inspiring videos to help someone in need! She is so deserving of this award!