The Awesome Awards - Nominations


Nominated by Asinyeonye Favour
July 20, 2020
Winner is a 4 membered boygroup. Last year I was diagnosed with brain tumor, I soon fell into depression. I was just 21, I had to stop school. My parents had no money to sponsor my surgery, the doctor asked them to prepare for the worst. But their music helped me gain hope, their fans contributed and paid for my surgery. They say Winner taught them well. After my surgery, I am back in school and have started following this wonderful boys. They have children in Africa whom they sponsor, these children are orphans. They donated their most prized possessions to help out the needy even though they don't have much, the little they have is shared. I can go on and on but I want to state that they also train their followers to be nice. They teach us not to return evil for evil. And be good people. They are not afraid of loosing the little fans they have and correct us. If not for them, probably I would have been gone..... I only learnt about them last year but my life has changed. They make such huge impacts with little recognition. They are so awesome and deserve this award