The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Trent Kinard

Nominated by Laura Thompson
August 09, 2017
Trent is a council member in Bamberg, South Carolina where he is the chairman of the Cheese and Cracker and they clothe and feed those in the community less fortunate. He also coaches youth baseball and basketball, he is the voice of the Red Raider's on Friday nights during football season. Trent is also the PTO President at the local elementary school- Richard Carroll and has been so for the past 5-years. He is a member of the arts council and historical society. Trent always is looking out for citizens in the community, if someone has a need of clothes, a washer- dryer or air conditioner or anything, he will put on his Facebook and get it for them within a day or two. He has 4-children and works at the University of South Carolina as their sports information director, he has such a caring heart and no matter where there is a need, he is always there.