The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Talitha Maddalena

Nominated by Luca Maddalena
May 11, 2018
Honestly I think my mom aka Talitha Maddalena is the greatest person alive. But that's just my opinion. Talitha is really supportive. My family believes she can turn a bully into one of the nicest persons alive, I personally don't believe that. Talitha cheers me on when I feel sad, frustrated or even scared! She also calms me down so much I sometimes fall asleep! Third I don’t know how but my mom Talitha turned my brothers bee sting into something good! “It's okay! Just know we know never to do that again!” she said. That really helped because one time I almost did that and I remembered that and I did not do that and now I still have not been stung by a bee yet! Finally, She is an amazing ukulele player she also practices with my dad James Maddalena while he plays guitar and Talitha plays ukulele they are an amazing team! Talitha also plays the violin and I play it too! She practices with me too for violin! One day I want to be as good as she is. Overall Talitha is really great and really nice! I am lucky enough to call her mom, I hope you like her too!