The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Shane Pascua

Nominated by Akshith Kappala
May 16, 2018
Do you think that Shane is the most awesome person ever? Oh, of course you don’t know who he is and why he’s awesome. I’ll tell you why he’s awesome, so read this essay. The first reason is that he does funny things. He does funny things that even I laugh(I don’t laugh that much). He also says funny things. He’s so funny sometimes I can’t stop laughing. That is one reason I think he is awesome. The second reason is that he is a hard worker. He does all his homework and gets almost 100% on math assessments.He follows directions and knows what to do. He also does all his classwork. So that is the second reason he is awesome. The last reason is that he is fun to play with at recess. At recess you can tell him what to do with the ball if you have a good reason. He also does funny things with the ball. He also tries to make us laugh at recess. So that is the last reason I think that Shane is awesome. Those are the reasons I think Shane is awesome, so I think he should get the awesome award.