The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Senator Uche Ekwunife

Nominated by Anambra Central Community
September 30, 2021
Nigerian Senator Uche Ekwunife is a woman of humanity, she desire to help others. She uses whatever resources she has and give it back to the community. She has done so much to her community and writing it down will take so many sheets.Let just pick the latest of her good deeds. Senator Uche Ekwunife represent Anambra Central Senatorial District and donated gas cylinder stoves to 650 women across her state she facilitated federal government relief grants for the people of her constituency. Testimonies from beneficiaries who received the sum of N704,000 have continued to reverberate across her state. Around April 26, 2021, another batch of beneficiaries took delivery of the fund which was sent to their individual accounts. Senator Ekwunife’s resolve to ameliorate the suffering of the people by offering a representation that is visible, impact and purposeful remains unflinching. She is such an awesome humanitarian and philanthropist.