The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Sabine Brunswicker

Nominated by Jia Lin Cheoh
December 01, 2018
Prof. Sabine Brunswicker in the Department of Technology Leadership Innovation at Purdue University, West Lafayette, United States is a different species on this planet. She is the founder of Research Center for Open Digital Innovation ( I had been her student for the third year now (going to be the fourth year) soon, and she had influenced the life of my peers and I by a whole lot. It's not always easy to navigate through the unknown especially if you are not physically and mentally fit enough to do so. Being born with leukemia meant that I had to put in 100 times of effort to achieve the same level of skill sets as someone else. I remembered myself as being painfully shy and closed off three years ago, and I had opened up a lot since then with all the work that I have done with her. She had given me a lot of courage to pursue multiple things in life, and I went on to achieve a lot in my undergraduate career. I want to honor her by nominating her for this "awesome human being award" for all that she had done to always give her best to her students. One thing I can tell from observing her mentorship throughout these years is that, no matter how bad her students struggle in whatever aspect, she is always finding ways to help her students to succeed. The world needs more human being like her, and my peers and I are super blessed to have her in our life! Wishing her a happy 2019 and also a happy fourth year being her student!