The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Rhea Mendonca

Nominated by Cibelle Miranda
February 08, 2020
I am honoured to nominate RHEA MENDONCA an outstanding leader, changemaker and a trailblazer who is making a gigantic impact GLOBALLY because of her ANTI VAPING CAMPAIGN. The death of her beloved Grandpa to Pulmonary Fibrosis left her devastated. He was a chain smoker from the age of 14. She watched her beloved grandpa die right before her eyes. They could not afford a lung transplant or an oxygen ventilator. From that day onwards, she vowed to save young lives caught in the web of addictions. She can be described as a CHILD PRODIGY who has Co-Founded WINGS OF HOPE at the age of 10 along with her twin sister. Rhea When most children of her age were enjoying their Sundays playing with toys and watching television, this young hero used to visit juvenile and destitute homes to inspire the youth to give up addictions. WINGS OF HOPE helps youth addicted to VAPING. Wherein the youth can write a SECRET LETTER and share the trauma they are facing and ask for help through their Instagram Page @wings_ofhope and Email [email protected]. Till date WINGS OF HOPE has helped 1,50,000 youth from 100 NATIONS. WINGS OF HOPE relies on PEER to PEER support. The saved vaping addicts inturn bring their friends who are addicted to vaping. Thus acting as CHANGE AGENTS which has a RIPPLE EFFECT and brings a positive change in the community. In Rhea’s words “I was spending sleepless nights as I watched my underage peers vape during school. Our classrooms were transformed into VAPING DENS. I felt I could not remain silent anymore and watch my peers die prematurely due to VAPING”. When she noticed that E-CIGARETTES are robbing our nation of its youth it triggered her to write letters to PRESIDENT TRUMP, SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI, GOVERNORS OF THE 50 STATES to demand ban of flavored E-Cigarettes in America. Due to the magnitude of her actions, New York was the 1st State to ban flavoured E-Cigarettes followed by 20 states in America. She realized at the age of 16, it had created a SNOWBALL EFFECT. Rhea has conducted ANTI-VAPING CAMPAIGNS on Social Media, 2,500 schools, colleges, youth conferences, TIMES SQUARE, MACYS and ROCKEFELLER CENTER to spread awareness about the dangers of VAPING which drew overwhelming support from the youth and public. As an ADVISOR of WINGS OF HOPE, I have worked with Rhea and found her selflessly dedicated to the cause. She spends 2 hours daily responding to SECRET LETTERS, which are always laced with wisdom, love and compassion. 50% of vaping addicts have QUIT VAPING. RHEA has brought about a whirlwind of change in the lives of VAPING ADDICTS WORLDWIDE. RHEA MENDONCA has my highest recommendation for the AWARD.