The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Patti DiMiceli

Nominated by Nicole Andrews
November 03, 2017
The ability to overcome intense adversity is one of the biggest triumphs of being human. We face challenges every day, some we overcome easily and some are so catastrophic that the path to move forward is dark and unclear. When we meet people who have overcome these unimaginable struggles, it is our duty to share their light the way for others. Patti DiMiceli is one of these people with the charisma and compassion to elevate others. In fact, it is her life’s work. In 1980, the world was watching as Patti tried to save her 4-year-old daughter, Amber’s, life. After an extraordinary effort, she realized that her little girl would die. With Bernie Siegel, MD, as Amber’s doctor, they lived the rest of her life to the fullest and in the end, helped this brave little girl cross The Threshold between life and death. Although Patti feared the moment she would die, Amber reassured her, “Mom, when I die, I’ll still be Amber, I’ll just be different.” These amazing, insightful words motivated Patti to see life and death from a new perspective. She now embraces her Angel and knows that Amber did not die, she did not “pass away,” she simply changed. Her spirit...her legacy lives on as people around the world read her book, Embrace the Angel, share her message, and give the gift of silky Angels to care for and comfort the ones they love. By embracing her Angel, Patti has moved forward in her life with a new sense of purpose. As a successful photographer, author, and entrepreneur, Patti’s mission is to spread Amber’s message of hope, heaven and the miracle of life and death. She offers the world a unique paradigm shift which encourages positive perceptions of death and grieving. She has given presentations and workshops to the Annapolis Chapter of the Bereaved Parents of the USA, New Haven Chapter of the Compassionate Friends, the Naval Academy Spouses and Civilians Club, the Annapolis Rotary and Lions clubs, Leadership Anne Arundel and the City of Annapolis. Patti reaches out to as many bereaved parents as possible to help them move forward, rediscover joy, and find meaning in their lives once again. Rather than get stuck in a cycle of insurmountable grief, Patti has been featured in many print and television media outlets sharing her story of Amber’s life, her death, and the uplifting Power of Angels. The most inspiring way Patti has moved forward is by giving back. As the owner of Tobias & Co. LLC, Patti and her team of caring, compassionate people have created the Be an Angel, Comfort an Angel Program. Patti donates silk Angel scarves and neckties to bereaved parents and silk Angel pillows to critically ill children. Through her own experience with her dying daughter, she knows how critical the physical connection to the “other side” is to both the dying and the bereaved. Your readers will be amazed by Patti’s story. They will be inspired and motivated to help others. This is the story that will have your readers talking about how they can uplift others, change their perceptions of death, and learn how to truly live again after the death of a child.