The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Pamela Malakee

Nominated by Nathalie jak
October 22, 2021
Scientific and/or technological development A global data labeling and annotation provider for artificial intelligence and machine learning businesses and initiatives. After graduating Pamela changes path and taught herself artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship. She successfully put all her savings, time and dedication into founding her business. By understanding how much profitability matters to tech evolution and how fast the pace of adoption and development needs to be. She was able to jumpstart the object detection accuracy from 80 to 93%. This evolution alone was sky rocketing. It is not the only breakthrough Pamela and her team were able to achieve. The ability to guarantee 98% accuracy every time in annotation will allow AI to work at maximum productivity. She created a shortcut for all racks of data needed to train AI machines. Pamela is also passionate about women empowerment specially in the fields of SEM and entrepreneurship. She inspires others to follow her path by being a self made and self taught entrepreneur with remarkable technological achievements and breakthroughs.