The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Oyenike Adegbite (JP)

Nominated by Omnisof Int'l
May 06, 2023
Oyenike Adegbite (JP) is a Nigerian entrepreneur and philanthropist. She Founded the Unique Women Int'l in 2016, which focuses on the training of many Widows and empowering them in various trades such as Hairdressing, Bead-Making, Cake-Making, Soap-Making, Turban/Hat-Making, Snacks-Making, Dress-Making, Bag-Making, Shoe-Making, Sewing, Printing, etc and empowering Youth in their various areas of interests. Established other Widows in the business of Soft-Drinks, Dried Fish production, Slippers, Laundry, sales of Foodstuff as well as General Daily needs. Sponsoring Orphans in Elementary and in Secondary Schools as well as the Handicapped. Also sponsoring the Orphans, Fatherless/Motherless in Higher Institutions and supplying some of them with Clothings and Foodstuff. Trained & obtained Driver's Licences for some Orphans and secured employment for them. Rented apartment for some Widows and Settling of Hospital Bills for some less-privileged people to be released from Hospitals. Making donations to some Orphanage Homes, Old People's Homes, Handicapped Homes, Motherless Homes and Flood Disaster Victims. Giving financial support to some Missionary Organisations towards the expansion of the Kingdom of God in accordance with the Great Commission of Christ. Christmas Party are held with the Widows and Orphans every December to put the joy of Christ into their hearts and to minister to them in order to strengthen their faith in God. Foodstuff & Clothings are also distributed to them during the occasion. Adults as well as the children in the Community are also blessed with gifts and refreshments during the Yuletide Season every year. Similar activities and ceremonies are also held for them every July to mark the Founding Anniversary Annually. Widows and Orphans also hold their Empowerment Trainings in the Anniversary month of July every year. Mama Oyenike Adegbite dedicates her life to helping the needy and to others who are vulnerable and to various good/ charitable causes.