The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Ms. Chelsea Bonner

Nominated by Mr. James McGee
March 16, 2020
"The Darling of Rancho Calaveras" Ms. Chelsea Bonner is a wonderful "lady" I am lucky to have met, and thankful to know. Chelsea is a true animal person. Willing, without hesitation to make any necessary sacrifice for the well being of a fellow creature. For the sad, hurt, abandoned or just down on their luck little cuddly critters, she embodies the motto of lady liberty herself. Ms. Bonner's natural ability and passionate devotion to above and beyond quality animal care, is but only a compliment to her truest calling & where she shines brightest at, raising her son as a single mother. Chelsea is strikingly beautiful, with runners legs, a fit body, kind, generous, bright and sweet. The cutest smile I have ever seen. Moves with a purpose, a hustle in every step. A fantastic sense of style, always the best dressed anywhere she goes. She is hard working, driven and braver more courageous person than I am. Ms. Chelsea Bonner is an inspiring woman, a hero of mine, someone I truly respect and a special woman I hold in the highest regard. The Richmond California Inner-City Wrestling Club, admires, looks up to and is completely honored to extend its fullest possible support towards Ms. Bonner and will always stand with and for people like her. May this find "The Darling of Rancho Calaveras" with peaceful, positive and extra special goodness on her 30th. By: Mr. James McGee 3//16//2020