The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Minelle Mahtani

Nominated by Don Shafer
October 31, 2017
Minelle Mahtani joined Roundhouse Radio two years ago with an idea for a radio program & podcast that could create a safe place for all Vancouverites to share their stories about how they experience differences in our city. As an open-hearted and humble host, as well as a Professor of Human Geography & Journalism, Minelle provides a safe place where guests reveal their experiences of loss, love, and longing of their spaces. Unafraid to ask beautiful questions and going deeper, Minelle explores our relationships to each other, to place, and the world we live in – whether a coffee shop on Commercial Drive, a community centre in Kitsilano or other locations in our city. What defines our sense of place? Each interview and every program brings our community and our world a little closer as she reaches for the stories and connections in our city. The work she does on-air, online and in our community is recognized often due to the profound impact she has in bringing all of us a little closer together. Minelle is truly awesome!