The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Laura Morgan

Nominated by Chyanne Spencer
November 17, 2017
My friend she lost her mum two years ago, from a brain tumour.... her mum got so ill she was bed bound, she has to take on the responsibility of looking after her 8 years old sister & getting her to school, dinner and keeping her happy! The reason why Laura is so special, is because Zara ( Laura’s little sister) lost her dad the year before her mum, so within two years they Zara lost her mum and dad and Laura lost her mum, now Laura takes on Zara moves her in with her & looks after her to make sure she has the best life and school! They are best friends. Laura is only 23 & is now having her own baby, I think she is the most strong girl ever, & she deserves to be notice! She always smiling and happy & makes the best of every time she has.