The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Kristin Ryle

Nominated by Anonymous
April 17, 2020
I want to nominate someone very special. I go to school with this girl Kristin. She is sixteen. She has a service Dog. I am afraid of dogs so I did not want to talk to her. But I thought she seemed nice. I saw her on the news, apparently she puts together care packages for kids at her hospital. I saw her website and she sews vests for service dogs for veterans and sews handmade items for the disabled community. I saw her website and was amazed. I finally spoke with her the other day after finding her organizations email. And I'm just amazed by her. She is so kind. She is going through treatment right now and getting multiple infusions a week. She has had surgeries and I've seen her have seizures at school. I know some students aren't very kind to her. But I've never heard her say or do anything mean back. Which I think is pretty amazing. When she goes to her infusions she brings the kids teddy bears and blankets. She also hands out hand sewn masks. and makes funny/positive videos about her illness because it is a rare genetic disorder. I just wanted to recognize her somewhere. Thankyou.