The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Kaitlyn Bourgeois

Nominated by Ruby Pilatzke
April 04, 2020
Kaitlyn bourgeois is the definition of an awesome human being. She attends my high school and is now the person I call my best friend. We stumbled upon one another durning our basketball season of junior year. I was in a bit of a dark and she pulled me out. She has the brightest soul I know and she lets it shine onto others. Her younger brother has Down syndrome. She is a huge advocate for him. She is so loving and stands up for him. She’s the best big sister you would ever meet. She volunteeres to coach his hockey and soccer teams. As well as swims with him, reads to him, bakes with him, and she doesn’t treat him any different. Kate is so awesome because she is so good at spreading her light unto others. Not only does she do so much for Ethan and the valley warriors special needs sports programs, but she is also invested so much time into raising awareness for cancer through her sports, and for diabetes. Kate’s talent is her athleticism. And the way she has turned this into her platform for spreading awesomeness to the world makes me so proud every day.