The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Joshua Hernandez

Nominated by Jessica Davis
April 08, 2023
I was with my daughter in Kankee IL. This was on 4/5/2022. My ex boyfriend had contacted me in person and started to argue. I was dating him at the time. When I told him I was leaving him and going to a domestic violence shelter and tired of the abuse. Nicholas my ex grabbed me by tue throat and pushed me while taking my phone and ran off. I was pushed into my daughter who was then having a piece of hard candy. It caused her to begin choking. Thankfully a man named Joshua Hernandez who is also a bail enforcement agent. Just so happened to be driving by and saw my ex running away from the scene and me panicking over my daughter. Mr. Hernandez drove up and I told him my daughter was choking and he said call 911 I explained my phone was just taken by my ex. He called tossed me his phone and had me call. He said he was a red cross volunteer and he knew cpr and something else I can't recall what he said. He did some pushes on my daughter who is only 5. I guess those did not work so he pushed his finger in her throat and got the little piece out and she was able to breath fully and not struggle to get all the air. The EMTs came after and Mr. Hernandez made sure we were safe until they arrived. He told me he lives in Joliet IL and was a bail enforcement agent. I saw his ID badge little and remembered his name fully and what I could. He kept so quickly after the EMT got there. He I don't think wanted to be acknowledged for that but he should be. I owe him so much.