The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Joseph Petraro

Nominated by Tara sanfilippo
December 29, 2022
Joseph Petraro is a 9 year old boy who’s so incredibly smart he’s skipped two grades and is now in 6th grade. What makes him awesome is that he is constantly doing to others. He is a 3 time published author, has built a well for clean water in Nigeria for an entire community, started an Adopt-a-Grandparent Program in his community, is the NYS be Strong global representative helping spread awareness for mental health, ending bullying and being kind, actively raises and donates money to the Nightbirde foundation after he was touched and became friends with the woman who’s legacy the foundation honors, he spreads his silliness and is an overall awesome person. He has done more in his 9 years than many have done in a lifetime.