The Awesome Awards - Nominations

John Fowler

Nominated by Michelle Hartley
September 26, 2018
My nominee is my brother. He is an inspiration to every one who knows him! His parents were told he'd never walk, talk, read & write following a road traffic accident at the age of 4 and a half. They never gave up and neither did he! The determination, support and encouragement from his parents is never ending. He is 36 yrs old now and such an inspiration to everyone that knows him. Despite all odds he is a well admired young adult who has amazed the local community. He can read, write and definitely walk! He walks every day and ventures into the local town where he is well known. He volunteers locally in a charity shop. He is keen to help anyone when out and about and his sense of humour is second to none! He never complains. John has represented GB playing bowls in Australia and South Africa and also plays for teams in his local village. His family and everyone that meets him are really proud of him, he never gives up!