The Awesome Awards - Nominations


Nominated by Cedric
September 13, 2022
I want to thank Jessica for starting San Diego Unified School District’s art clubs. Before and during COVID, my daughter rarely had access to art programs because of the budget cuts and virtual learning environment. But last year, Baker Elementary School started an art club for her class. She came home with a paper penguin and a big smile. Now, she wants to become an artist! These past few years have been tough for all kids, but it was especially hard for my girl. I’m so thankful for this new resource, it’s made her want to go to school. Jessica is only a high school student. She uses the money she makes from tutoring to pay for Ubers, so she can teach art at our school. She volunteers for free at many other schools in our district. I just wanted to tell Jessica’s story because she’s changed my daughter’s life. Her work isn’t easy, I hope Jessica knows that we love her.