The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Jayden Perez

Nominated by Ana Rosado
October 11, 2018
I would like to nominate an extraordinary young boy by the name of Jayden Perez whom is 9 years old. Jayden has just completed his sixth humanitarian mission with helping Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria destroyed the Island back in September 2017. Jayden has been inspiring the world with his kindness. He has been fully involved in helping Puerto Rico since the hurricane. He has sent them food, water, supplies, baby food, toys, animal food and lanterns. He also did a toy drive at his home and collected over 1,100 toys. He opened a Go Fund Me Account and raised $10,000 to use for shipping the toys to Puerto Rico. As well as provide families and churches with funds to help buy food and fix there damaged homes. Jayden personally traveled to Puerto Rico in January 2018 to hand deliver the toys to the children. In March 2018 he bought and collected Animal food for the abandon animals with his own birthday money. In June 2018 he bought and collected baby food to send to the babies affected in the hurricane. He boxed over 8 boxes of baby food and donated to a non profit organization in NY to ship to Puerto Rico. In July 2018 he bought and collected Lanterns and lights to send to Puerto Rico since it is hurricane season. In September he designed a shirt with his logo “From The Bottom of My Heart” to sell and donate all the proceeds to a 3 year old girl and her mom as they are living in an hotel. Jayden sold over $1,520 in shirts and donated the entire amount to the little girl and her mom so they can settle in a new apartment. On October 5th Jayden once again travel to Puerto Rico to hand out $10,000 in clothes donated to him from KidBox. KidBox selected Jayden to be part of the Kids Board of Director for his good deed in helping others. Jayden will continue to help Puerto Rico in any way he can because the island is not fully recovered. Jayden hopes to inspire many young kids to get involved in the community and spread kindness. He has been invited in November to be a guest speaker at an elementary school in Vineland with over 700 students, and in February to a convention center in New Orleans to speak in front of 17,000 people. He wants to make a difference in this world buy spreading love and kindness. You can view Jayden’s journey on Instagram at anarosado09