The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Gareth Kaye

Nominated by sheryl brown
December 18, 2022
Gareth for the last 8 months has rebuilt our community. This being creating events and activities for struggling families to be able to spend quality time with their families. From food parcels to those in need to raising donations to help Ukrainian refugees. This gentleman brought the community together looking after there local park in regular litter picks to community feasts for all to eat and chat. Several events have been held through Halloween to Christmas. Throughout the cold months free breakfast mornings and a warm space for all. In the final end to the year raised donations of gifts and vouchers for schools to give to those struggling most, to creating a christmas event offering free food and drinks to those who needed and creating a spectacular day that brought many families together with just over 250 children receiving gifts from Mr and Mrs Claus raising money for other charities. All items donated at Gareth's request have been re-donated to the Womens Refuge to allow there families decorations for Christmas, any free food left over given to a charity GFK that help those struggling and the homeless. Gateths heart really does sit with helping all those who are in need and many days and nights left little time for his family. His children have helped him along the way and supported his efforts asking him to continue knowing they have helped so many. Gareth is awesome and so deserving of this through dedicating himself in helping so many others - in which many families would have struggled harder without this guys efforts. Gareth really is our community champion.