The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Elizabeth David-Dembrowsky

Nominated by Rachel Berger
January 05, 2018
I'd like to nominate Elizabeth. She has been a big sister, mentor and most importantly a legal adviser to me. In 2016, we started working together. She included me in her first cohort of social enterprises and nonprofits that need legal advice. We instantly connected. On top of a full time job at the Keren Or Foundation as the Executive Director, she started her own foundation called Good Cousnel, which educates, empowers, and ensures the legal and financial security of nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. As a nonprofit, they provide changemakers with affordable, quality legal education, business development consulting, and one-on-one direct legal services. Here's her website: Over the past year, she helped me get my 501c3 status for The Artist Co-op. She's also advised me on liability waivers and fundraising advice and so much more! Plus in the works, we've been working on getting The Artist Co-op name and logo tradmarked. I couldn't have started The Artist Co-op without Elizabeth. She does so much for the whole community I'm just one case for why she deserves the AWESOME AWARD!