The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Dr Mable Mphahlele

Nominated by Rebbecca Sekokotla
April 21, 2017
Dr Mable Mamasegare Mphahlele is an appointed Head of Department (HOD) at the university of Limpopo under the department of Water and Sanitation. She is also a lecturer in that department and she lectured me one of my undergraduate modules, the academic year, 2015. The class of 2015 is the first class she lectured in that department. Dr Mphahlele is one of the few lecturers who don't just lecture to earn a wage but she goes beyond the course curriculum. During the contact sessions we had with her she always encouraged and motivated us to expect more from life and also to work hard for that more we are to expect. She is a compassionate and passionate HOD and lecturer who wants what is best for her students. She communicated with us that her door is always open when we needed assistance and information concerning the next step after undergraduate degree. Her journey with her students doesn't end after the students have completed their degrees, but she opens doors of opportunities for her former students and also continues to touch base with them long after they have left her academic sight. I thought maybe the class of 2015 was just a fortunate class to have her as a lecturer but I have found out that she became and did even more for the class of 2016. That made me realise she really has a heart for students and that is very inspiring.