The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Doctor Anthony Weinert

Nominated by Tracy Lamourie
May 14, 2020
This incredible doctor just won the Heroes of Podiatry Award and was commended by media across the state of Michigan for his donation of thousands of pairs of crocs (easily disinfected) to frontline healthcare workers to reduce COVID19 infection. “As we are aware from recent studies by New England Journal of Medicine, the Coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic crisis can live in the air and surfaces between several hours to several days,” he says. “For protection and spreading of COVID-19 to our healthcare workers we are talking about masks, faceshields, gloves, gowns, eyewear, but neglecting one important thing- the surface of shoes worn by our healthcare workers on the frontlines.” Dr Anthony Weinert, a board certified foot surgeon, recognized authority and go-to foot health expert states that we need to help protect our healthcare heroes from transporting possible contaminated shoes home with potential Coronavirus on surface of shoes. Dr Weinert also stresses the importance of disinfecting the surfaces of the shoes before coming to their homes and family. “And many healthcare doctors and nurses on the frontlines wear tennis shoes which can allow the Coronavirus to attach onto surface of shoe and be transported home. In order to protect our healthcare heroes and their families from COVID-19 I reached out to Crocs to get donations of healthcare clog shoes that have a surface which will allow the healthcare workers to easily disinfect and sanitize before and after they leave the frontlines of work. This will protect the doctors and nurses from potentially getting the Coronavirus on their hands accidentally when they take off their shoes and also prevent spreading to other surfaces.” Dr Weinert states that his major goal is to help protect his colleagues on the frontlines and to give them all the important protective equipment needed to win this fight and protect them and their families. “This is the least I can do to help our Healthcare Heroes and protect them during this war and battle.” He says. “ In addition, as a foot specialist I find it to be very important to wear comfortable shoes, especially when on your feet a lot and walking on hard surfaces.” The best thing is these Crocs shoes that Dr Weinert distributed to hospitals throughout Metro Detroit and Michigan will provide cushion, shock absorption, good arch support and help prevent foot pain and back pain with being on feet for long hours. Dr Weinert, known in the community as “The Sole Doctor”, has helped and distributed over 10,000 pairs of shoes to homeless, veterans and those in need in the community through his 501c3 non-profit Shoe Pantry Plus. Dr Weinert and his non-profit organization are also planning on doing more distributions throughout Michigan and also trying to coordinate a nationwide distribution to our healthcare doctors and nurses on the frontlines in hospitals throughout the United States called “Shoes for HealthCare Heroes.” He says : “We are all in this together and let’s help each other out and unite as ONE during these hard times.” To learn more about Shoe Pantry Plus or ways you can help during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis you can visit