The Awesome Awards - Nominations

David Green

Nominated by Becky Green
October 22, 2019
My hubby, David Green is a PGA Golf Professional at Wildernesse golf club in Sevenoaks and this is his story... A few weeks ago, a member began having chest pains on the course and David brought him back to the shop. He quickly deteriorated, collapsed, lost consciousness, had a cardiac arrest and died in front of David. The mans son (18 years old) and wife were present throughout sadly. David has 90 seconds to save his life. He quickly dashed to retrieve the defibrillator, shocked the man and I’m pleased to say, restarted his heart. He then conducted CPR to keep him alive for 15 minutes until the ambulance arrived. He remained calm, kind and considerate throughout. Two hours later, the member had had a stent fitted, was having a cuppa and emailing David to thank him for saving his life! And the lives of his family 😭 Since then, David and the member have worked tirelessly with the PGA to raise awareness, push for all golf clubs in the UK to have defibs available and improve training given. We think he’s a hero and we hope you do too.