The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Cat Bristol

Nominated by Rebecca Lord
November 19, 2018
My sister is Awesome. She works so hard driving to work 50 miles each morning, she is a Speech Therapist at a school for boys. She is in charge of an underfunded and important aspect of the school. She then drives back 50 miles and often in an evening or late afternoon works with local children one-to-one. During school holidays she works for the local children’s charity. She never has a free weekend and she is still often seen as ‘under experienced’ because she is only 27. She has been a fantastic help since I had my daughter and spends every bit of spare time she has with us. I can’t thank her enough for being so Awesome. Well I could if she is chosen! She thoroughly deserves to be recognised because I know how exausting it is for her, especially how far she has to drive. She makes a difference to every child she works with. She is Awesome.