The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Bill Cook

Nominated by Lamourie MEDIA
November 22, 2020
Bill is an industry leader and an inspiration. He says : "I believe in cannabis and its power to heal and transform, because it's changed my life. I am no longer haunted by the symptoms of PTSD, brought on by the abuse I experienced as a child. I am a happy man, capable of forgiveness. This wasn't possible for me before I began using cannabis. I've dedicated the last 19 years to learning everything I can about agriculture and manufacturing methodologies in an effort to grow more cannabis, with less money. By applying the right principles I am helping Kanna-Wise increase revenues, reduce waste, lower costs and provide our employees with a happier work environment. We work with the industry leading suppliers of hydroponic equipment, greenhouses, lighting, big ag equipment, fertilizers and more. Find him at :