The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Bhavani Garimella

Nominated by Soumini Kandula
May 16, 2018
There may be many trophy winners but my mommy Bhavani showed that she earned the trophy already. She is awesome, amazing and intelligent. She is also hardworking, respectful and funny. Here is why she is nominated to win a trophy. The first reason Bhavani should win a trophy is because she is hard working. She’s hard working because she is an engineer but also she takes care of me and my little sister who is a handful. Also she takes meeting at home when it is hard because my little sister makes a lot of noise. Still she takes some meetings at home to keep an eye on us. Also she volunteers to help for a lot of things like programs. An additional reason Bhavani should win a trophy is because she is respectful. She is respectful because she doesn’t disturb anybody while they are in the middle of something, she always waits until they are done and free. Also she is respectful because she always speaks in a pleasant voice, not a grumpy voice. The last reason she is respectful is because she doesn’t wake us up in the morning yelling out our name and telling us to wake up, instead she whispers our names and gently taps us if we don’t wake up. Finally Bhavani should receive this award because she is funny. The first reason she is funny is because when a little boy said that he wanted to catch a lizard and ran to find one my mom chased after him and when she caught up with him she held onto his hand and joked “Ooh I caught a giant lizard! Where should I trap him?” Then she asked me to get a laundry basket to trap the boy and the boy screamed “NOOO” so my mom finally let go of his hand. I think Bhavani should win the Awesome Award because she really is awesome and she deserves a trophy. I hope I have convinced you enough to give Bhavani the Awesome Award trophy.