The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Angela Sadler- Williamson

Nominated by Tracy Lamourie
May 13, 2020
Professor Angela Sadler-Williamson is an educator, award winning film maker and author who has spent the last several years immersed in the legacy of her cousin, civil rights legend Rosa Parks. Her film, MY LIFE WITH ROSIE, won awards in film festivals across America - and people responded to it, deeply. "The story of Rosa Parks and the Williamson family shows America a glimpse of what it's like to be related to an American icon. Cousin Rosie is more than a seamstress, she's a woman who believed people should be treated with dignity - and she fought her whole life to make It happen," Angela said. Described as an "amazing journey through the life of one of America’s most beloved heroines," in the film which has made its way across the country and is now available on Amazon Prime, we see what Rosa did after she left Alabama. Travelling the country with the film taught Angela something. Rosa is still inspiring change. And Angela wanted to make sure the littlest Americans really understand what people mean when they say "YOU can make a difference, too!" So - in 2020, continuing the important work of furthering the legacy of Rosa Parks and inspiring others, Angela has turned to a new project - this one aimed at kids. The new book is being called "a tremendous way to commemorate the legacy of Rosa Parks - teaching activism to protect all of our human rights. " To learn more :"