The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Alison Clarke

Nominated by Chanelle Cluett-Alstad
July 06, 2020
I’m nominating Alison Clarke for the Awesome Awards. I’m nominating her because I got the chance to work with her this past year. She is truly a ray of sunshine and energy all of the time. She encompasses what it means to be a lifelong learner and is eager to learn, grow and do better. It has been a gift to watch her grow as a teacher this year. Her year wasn’t easy but she embraced every day and always looked on the positive side of things. She truly has a heart of gold that is going to take her far in her career. During COVID, schools were closed but it didn’t stop Alison at all. She quickly jumped into online learning and figured out how to support each of her students individually. During this time, differentiation in instruction was difficult, but Alison excelled in it. I was left feeling inspired and driven to do better in my own teaching practise because of her. I feel that as a first-year teacher for her to have this power and influence is huge. I want to acknowledge her for that and to hopefully inspire her to continue to have that initiative, drive, and heart throughout her entire teaching career. I'm attaching an image of a bumble bee because that is what she called her class this year. She uses it as a term to build community and connect to the curriculum in how animals help our earth.