The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Alan Christensen

Nominated by Dammes
March 08, 2023
Chief Christensen has taken on an incredible responsibility within our community. He is the firehouse's de facto chief and has increasingly taken on tasks to bring our department into the mainstream as the community's first and most important line of defense and support. Chief Christensen continues to create an atmosphere of professionalism, community focus, and work ethic within the firehouse. His attention to his firefighters is matched only by his attention to his family and the community at large. Not enough can be said to the character of the Bay City Fire Department's Chief. He has an illustrious career in firefighting, emergency response, and community support. For more than 20 years Chief Christensen has been in the service of his community, starting at 16 volunteering for his local firehouse, and gaining experience across the country to hone his skills and his ability to serve his community. Chief Christensen is the embodiment of Extraordinary Leadership.