The Awesome Awards - Nominations

AK Besancon

Nominated by Rynie Badenhorst
February 09, 2022
AK is the co-founder of Houston Welcomes Refugees and as many are aware there’s massive need in Houston helping the many Afghan refugees arriving in our city. AK has so much going on but you will find very few up at night or as early in the morning as her already working to arrange for the needs of the refugees. She is hands on and engaged in so many refugee families needs and a great friend to many of them. I’ve found her transporting bunk beds in her SUV during lunch time to make sure kids could have a bed to sleep on that night. (Not sure how she gets them in there because it took 3 guys 15 minutes to try and get them out of there!!). She is just such a great example of being the hands and feet of Jesus, helping those that has gone through extreme trauma by helping our country. I cannot think of many people that has such a great attitude and that just keep helping refugees day in and day out.