The Awesome Awards - Nominations

AJ Nunez

Nominated by Alejandro Sanchez
November 20, 2019
He is an inspiration for a lot of people. He is the embodiment of leadership, perseverance, self sacrifice, honor, hard work, father, friend, hero and among other things. He served in the army for a couple years and his life hasn't been easy but he doesn't let ANYTHING to put him down. He is ALWAYS ready to run tje extra mile and beyond for the ones he is in charge and the ones who need it. He is ALWAYS willing to give up his own things to make sure other people reach their potential and always ready when people need him. Right now, he is the general manager at planet fitness in Pineville, NC. He doesn't stop growing. He is ambitious but without putting anyone down. I've see him doing it and is VERY hard to find somebody like him. Every time he goes shopping, he doesn't buy anything for himself, he always buy things for others. He play it down and i think it is time for him to be recognize and to see with his own eyes the impact he does everyday in a lot of people. I am under his leadership at work and it never stop to amaze me alll what he does. I seen him pulling at 14 hour shift so other people can take a break even tho he has a wife and 3 kids. AND still makes time to spend time with his family and listen to the ones who need to be hear. He put his problems aside just to help others. Even when his rest and sleep get compromised. He is not only my boss, he is my mentor at work and in my personal life, my friend. Somebody i have high respect and admiration. He is helping me to reach my full potential and so far he is been succeeding. I don't trust people easily but he managed to gain my trust and be part of my life. In one occasion, i went to a VERY dark moment in my life and even tho he has a gym to manage, online school, a house and family to manage, he took the time to listen and guided me. He saved me from a fatal fate. He rescued me from a suicidal attempt that day. I am eternally grateful with him. And this is just the top of the iceberg.