The Awesome Awards - Nominations

William Stein

Nominated by Erin Nelson
December 26, 2017
Six weeks ago I had never even heard his name, I called an acquaintance not realizing that the number she gave me for contact was his. I talked with her twice after that she was never available when I called, after the 3rd attempt, "Bill answered every time" He started to ask simple questions like how I was doing. It was one of those moments when everything is hitting you, and your hands are tied. A simple question "how are you" and the flood gates opened lol, without any intention or indication I was suddenly sobbing and telling this stranger my problems. He not only listened he took action, in a big way. First in literally saving me from my immediate problem ($6,050) paid on my behalf. But when I got home "he came and picked me up and drove me home" My father was so ill, Bill talked him into going to the emergency room and he drove us there and waited there too, we learned that my father who was previously not having symptoms had cancer all through his body. The worst though was a tumor larger than an orange in his brain, it had to be removed asap or he would not have lived more than 2 weeks. they moved my father to another city to a hospital more specialized in his needs. Bill met me at the house the next morning and ordered uber to drive me to the hospital and cash to get home. Still he met me halfway picked me up drove me home, he asked if I would like to pick anything up from the store while I had a vehicle to do so, I said yes, I grabbed a few heavy things like Milk which are difficult to manage on my bike (my car was stolen) He said don't you want to get more I told him that was the end of my funds he told me don't worry about it, get what I need fill the cart and it was his treat. He had me put the uber app in my phone with his information for billing so that I could get back and forth from the hospital I did that for 12 days. Now my father is home, on hospice care when they brought the equipment, hospital bed etc, Bill came over with sheets for the bed, pillow, he bought my dad an electric blanket and a comforter for the hospital bed and again took me to the store my father is throwing up, so he took me to get things we thought he might be able to handle and provided about 10 days supply of these items for my father. Every major issue that he has learned of, he without anyone asking, of his own accord and conscience, has intervened with solutions. For myself and my father. 2 months ago, he was a stranger, today, to us, he is a hero.