The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Valerie Nessmith

Nominated by Effingham County as a whole
November 22, 2020
For years, I’ve watched Valerie take care of other people. Even when she was the one affected, she still took care of the others that were affected with her. She puts herself last and everyone else before her. She’s been like that for as long as I’ve known her. If she gets wind that someone needs help, she’s going to jump through hoops to get whatever that person needs. When her brother passed away, she took in his wife and two small children. Not knowing that her sister in law was pregnant, she delivered that baby in her bath tub, at her home, only a few weeks after she herself had a major surgery. When her brother passed away, instead of allowing others to cater to her and her needs in that moment, she continued to help others. I watched her collect grocery’s for someone in her community who had none. I watched her collect school clothes for local children in her community. I watched her offering to cut grass for her elderly neighbors. I watched her do a number of things, even when she was emotionally and physically drained. For 8 years now, I’ve watched her take care of her community as a whole. She sponsors families for Thanksgiving so that no one goes without a warm meal. If you don’t have a family to eat with, well, you do now because she’s going to invite you to her home for a holiday meal. If your children won’t have Christmas, not under her watch. She’d spend her very last dime to make sure someone doesn’t go without. She’s hosted many events to help families in her community. She puts in every spare minute she has. I’ve often asked her if she actually ever sleeps. Valerie is the most selfless person that I know. She’s the Mother Teresa of her time and someone that everyone can aspire to be. She’s an inspiration to her community and anyone who has the pleasure to know her. She truly is a saint and our community will vouch for that!