The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Tony Osso

Nominated by Annette Mattessich
December 06, 2020
Tony Osso started a non profit organization called JL Blessings 4 years ago. His goal for year one was to prepare 35 backpacks filled with essential items and distribute them to the homeless on the street. HIs vision was to get people involved in spreading joy to the homeless by giving "just love". The volunteerism has grown in leaps and bounds and the response for donations has been incredible. The best part of the organization is that by donating an actual backpack filled, you can see how your donation directly impacts a person. We are getting ready to distribute year 4 with approximately 2000 backpacks on Dec 9 & 10. The organization does not take monetary donations, they are looking for filled backpacks with inspiring notes for the recipient. It's amazing what a little inspiration can do! Check out the website or folllow on instagram JL Blessings