The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Tommy Maher

Nominated by John R Conard
June 24, 2019
Tommy Maher is a man of outstanding character and integrity. Not only has he dedicated his life to public service by being a Fireman, his kindness and love for humanity has sent a ripple effect of kindness all across the United States and around the world to New Zealand. Tommy Maher, while always being a man of kindness and Honor felt compelled to do more for people. Tommy bought a Van and had the Logo "PAY IT FORWARD" put down one side, and a quote from president John F. Kennedy on the back. And used this van to do service in his community by helping those in need. Following the mass shooting in Las Vegas in October 2017, Tommy loaded up the van and with the company of some of his family drove across the United States. Stopping in the Hometown of each victim to do a random act of kindness in their Honor. Along the way he met the Family of Karly Kriebaum, a route 91 concert victim. Karly had a saying "BE THE GOOD" and members of her community had metal signs made that read, "BElieve THEre is GOOD in the world" These signs were given to Tommy to give out along his Journey as he seen fit. Tommy traveled all across the U.S. Honoring the victims of the shooting and spreading Karly's Message. In 2018 Tommy loaded up and went to Parkland Florida following the Deadly School shooting to continue his mission to Honor Victims while spreading kindness in their honor. In May 2018 my beloved Nephew Jared was killed in the Santa Fe Texas High School shooting. This is where Tommy Maher enters my families lives, and helped us see the light of Humanity during our darkest hours. A short time following the shooting in Santa Fe, Tommy once again showed up and did extraordinary acts of kindness to Honor the Ten people who had lost their lives in our Nations most recent mass shooting. Tommy Maher has touched our hearts and helped ease the pain of our horrible loss by Honoring the fallen with Kindness. His acts of kindness have inspired hundreds of people to follow his example and do more and more acts of kindness in communities across this nation and the world. Tommy Maher Traveled to California following the Borderline Shooting, to Pittsburg following the Tree of Life shooting, and even to New Zealand following the shooting at the Christ Church Mosque. Tommy Maher is a true example of Humility and Love. He has inspired me , and countless people to carry on his kindness and to Spread Carly's message of "BE THE GOOD". I consider Tommy Family for life, and a role model for Humanity. Please help me Honor This man and continue spreading the word of how truly remarkable he is. You can see his work of facebook. Search for "TheHonorNetwork" "Honor10" "Honor17" a quick Google search will bring up multiple news articles about his Journeys and you can see for yourself just how truly AWESOME he is.