The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Tianna Latrice Kirven

Nominated by Tianna Latrice Kirven
November 30, 2018
Tianna Kirven Hi. I am Tianna, I'm a cancer survivor!! I am 3 months cancer free!! My last treatment was August 25th 2018.  I had 3 tumors and 4 surgeries to remove tumors and scar tissue from my uterus and 15 chemo and radiation treatments. I also have photosensitive epilepsy. Which only affects 3% of prior. And I've Also had a surgery to remove fluid that had a blockage from my brain to my spine. But by the grace of the almighty I'm still here! However, I am currently homeless living in my car on the streets of los Angeles, where I've only survived by doing uber, performing at various events and venues throughout southern California and by starting my own company. Where at least 50% of all my proceeds are donated! I donate back to cancer patients, children, survivors, families, and research!!  I have several companies that I've started all under the umbrella of my association. I have an edibles company where we make ancient diffused medical marijuana edibles, a BBQ catering company where we cater trays, or plates of BBQ, and many more. Right now I'm working to start up, build my food trailer, make 8,000pay off my medical bills and regular bills, and then make enough to find a place to stay. I'm hard working and strong. And I know I've only made it this far by Faith. Thank you for your time. And remember:  Music Fuels the Soul, Love Heals the Spirit, Strength Feeds the Heart, Following your Heart guides your Blessings! I wish you peace and clarity.