The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Terry and Emily Perkins

Nominated by Karen Perkins
September 15, 2019
This is why I would like to nominate my sister-in-law Emily Perkins . Not only is she my sister-in-law but she is also my caregiver she has always been there for me to make sure that I'm taking care of. she believes in God but she does not push her religion on to anybody when we talked about it she puts it in the way of us learning. One day Emily had went to the doctor and she was told from the doctor to get to the hospital immediately they're going to do surgery that day they had found a brain tumor . My brother never left her sight not much not even to go to work if there is anything about love that is who Terry and Emily is they have so much love for one another and for others ,when Emily had finally gotten home from the hospital we were talking about things how's she doing you know is she doing okay all you know all that stuff and something in the conversation that came up without my caregiver was not a good one. The last thing I wanted was to put any stress on Emily and Terry and not actually sure if she's even going to go back to work well needless to say she had agreed to be my caregiver. I have learned so much from them myself they are unselfish they are so giving of themselves to help people out and not only just in a circle but that extra mile that sometimes people just don't see and give . her and my brother also started a street motorcycle Ministry in Los Banos California they go round and be active in the community and just teach the word they both are so busy that I don't see where they even find the time to be with one another they recently were involved in handing out backpacks for children who didn't have anything and school supplies Emily and my brother has no selfish bone in their body if someone needs help they are willing to help and help that person get on the right road to where they need to go I think Emily is just inspiring person and a true walking Miracle of how God works .she drives to come and take care of me she's involved with her church women's Bible study involved with their own Ministry involved with my life and her family's life and also her own medical issues that she has going on, her and my brother doesn't know the word stop or slow down but Emily is definitely my angel. My brother works hard everyday when there is an event that's going to be going on sometimes they take out of their own pocket in order for the event to continue our to go on Emily also Cooks all the food that happens at the events she cooks for the homeless people but The picture that I am submitting is my brotherTerry and my sister-in-law Emily and Salvation Ministries MC below is a link to their Facebook page I hope whoever makes a decision on a winner they take in consideration of what Terry and Emily has gone through