The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Syed Osman Azhar Maqsusi

Nominated by Syed Rafi
September 09, 2018
Greetings Team, I think this person is a real Hero in life, even though he always struggle to earn a loaf of bread for his family, still he has the courage to go ahead and feed the homeless and poor on a daily basis, today was the day 2340/953/865 and 681 days in 4 different locations he has been providing lunch to poor people. It really amazes me on how he manages all this, when asked, he once told me that he knows what hunger means, and that is the sole reason he has come forward to provide food at least one time in a day to the poor people around him, and he started under a banner sani welfare association, a free food programme for poor, currently he organizes the food programme under a fly over. Though he never asks someone for help, not for him not for the poor, I feel that GOD himself is helping this man, and he with a smile is serving mankind in this unique way. One can open his Facebook page and find the pictures he uploads on a daily basis.!/saniwelfare On his Facebook page the timeline has the following lines:# poor people help poor people... rich people help themsleves Not writing this mail for funding, but need a recognition for that person who is helping poor daily. Name: Azher maqsusi Cell: 9949955386 Thanks and regards Rafi