The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Susie trevino and keith vigil

Nominated by Erika trevino
June 19, 2018
I am nominating my awsome parents because my mom has been a awsome grandma mom and daughter with everything going on. My stepdad found out he has a sickness and my grandma recently has became more sick . she can not see much anymore can't hear and has to be watch 24/7 and recently my mom and stepdad had went all the way to kansas to be with my grandma and recently she had to come to denver for surgery and well somehow she broke leg and my mom and stepdad has tooken the responsiblity to take care of her 24/7 . they have put their things on hold to give my grandma a nice home where she comfortable in and is taking care of her. Even though my mom has back problems and my stepdad has a sickness they both said we are going to take care of her. They have always put people family before them . My mom has been through alot and raising four kids on her own but putting her self last. With taking care of my grandma she still takes care of my sisters kids on top of that with out complaining. She is a strong beautiful lady who goes out of her way for people. Even though she tired and hurting her self she still find the strength to keep going and do that for my grandma and the kids. I Just want to show her how thankful we are for both of our parents and want to give them a shopping spree or something . we wish we could give them the world because they deserve it. With her van she has been having trouble with it too and wish we could get her a new one. I hope you guys will read this and hope you guys can do something for my mom and stepdad and show them how awsome they are. That would mean the world to me. Thank you.