The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Sumeru Ray (Maharshi MahaManas)

Nominated by Subrata Biswas
December 07, 2022
Sumeru Ray alias Maharshi MahaManas : The greatest sage of the time Maharshi MahaManas being sympathetic to the suffering of the helpless troubled human he has worked tirelessly all his life to alleviate their misery and poverty. He understood from his deep thinking and experience that the root cause of most of the problems and mishaps caused by human beings is lack of adequate knowledge and consciousness and illness of body and mind. Most problems will be solved if the human mind develops enough. That is why he has created an excellent and incomparable mind-development education system, its name is 'MahaManan' education. If we can implement his multifaceted revolutionary work and thought, then there will surely be a radical change in human life. All that is needed for this is a strong team dedicated to the cause of real human development in the path shown by him. He did not look at all our problems from above or from the surface. He has found the root cause of the problem and discovered the way to its real solution. He is truly a free-spirited science-minded man. He did not try to find solution by flying in the sky with the wings of imagination. His every thought has moved forward along the path of reasoning~ judgment and reality. It would not be an exaggeration to call him the great sage of the modern times who sees the truth. He has made many scientific discoveries in his search for the truth of life and cosmic life. It was not at all happy for him to continue his exploration for truth. He did not think of his own happiness and prosperity, but he had to endure a lot of hardships and obstacles for the welfare of human beings and went ahead tirelessly in search of the way of real liberation of the human beings. This is how the great doctrine of this time~ 'MahaVad' (Mahaism) was born. Maharshi MahaManas is a free-minded rational sage of this millennium, master of reasonable spirituality, a multi-talented creator, researcher, writer, philosopher, awakener, educator, multifaceted free thinker and he is self-dedicated to real human improvement. He is the creator of the great doctrine of the time ‘MahaVad’ (Mahaism) and the founder of an epoch-making new religion called ‘MahaDharma’ for real human development including true mind development. He has extensive knowledge in fine arts, literature, meditation, yoga, healing arts, self-development programs, lyric, story and screenwriting, music composition and filmmaking, newspaper and magazine editing. If you are interested to know more about him, you should read his books. It will also be possible to know a lot about him by searching the internet.