The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Soumini Kandula

Nominated by Afreen Pathan
May 16, 2018
Nominate Soumini By Afreen pathan Do you know who I believe should win the trophy, who I trust with all my heart. It’s my awesome BFF Soumini. She is Funny, Generous and, Warm - hearted. For example: “What happened when the banana crossed the street”. “I don’t know” , “The banana spited”. This is why I like to nominate my friend, Soumini. I want to go up to her and say, “ I’d like you to have the trophy for being the best friend I could possibly have. ” One of the reasons I nominate Soumini is, she is Funny. She is funny by, .acting, for example: She acts like a baby and makes my giggle so hard I can’t almost breathe. She also tells jokes, such as, “Knock, Knock!”, “ Who’s there!”, “Moo” “Moo who” “ don’t you know the sound of a cow, Moo”. See not only does her jokes make me happy every single day but, she reminds me of my friend who used to play with me, that now she doesn't play with me anymore because she moved on somewhere. So, everytime I’m with Soumini I think of my friend, Panivi. Another reason is she is Generous, she self sacrifices anything for me. For example: on May 1, 2018 3 people were shouting things at me like, Are you are nerd or what, huh!, You're the dumbest person I’ve met. At that moment I couldn’t stand up for myself so, she pitched in and said, “Hey!, DON’T DARE SAY ANYTHING MORE TO MY FRIEND”. It felt like she was my Mother and, I was her precious child she would not let anyone harm. Lastly, I’d like to nominate my friend somini because, she is Warm - Hearted. She is warm - hearted because, she helps the environment, every single day. She also, helps out people who are in trouble, such as she helped someone from getting bullied from 5th graders. She also helped a person, not be a bully be telling them they won’t have any friends if they bully other people. Lastly, the same people who teased me last time came and teased me again, when I stood up and told a adult they didn’t stop but, soumini made them by taking them to the chaphoner. I was a little to soft on them but, soumini was hard as a rock on them. Please Nominate my dear friend, Soumini for looking out for me. I hope with all my heart she gets the awesome award. She does all theses thing for me I just want to show it at least between us that I thank her for everything. I don’t this reward will even show how much I appreciate her but, I hope she understands the meaning of the reward. I hope you nominate Soumini.