The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Sistah Lois

Nominated by Lamourie MEDIA
November 22, 2020
Sistah Lois (pronounced “Loyce”) is an incredibly talented singer, actor, creatrix across disciplines. She is, she says “a muddah, dawtah, sistah, afrikan princess, is a dymanmic Edutainer and musical messenger.” Known for decades in Toronto for her strong voice, both when she rises it in song and when she speaks out as an activist. A valued longtime member of activist and artistic communities she brings a wealth of experience together in her offerings - from classrooms to auditorium floors to stages and screens. Those who've shared Interactive presentations have oft marveled " I don't sing, I certainly don't sing in public; yet I just didn't even notice when I’d let go till I realized, hey I'm singing out loud!” Those who spend any time watching the work of this incredible artist - or hearing her share dialogue on multiple topics from early 60's Canadian immigrant reception, to teenaged pregnancy, to nontraditional labours, mental health, practice of policing on d'prairie, and medical cannabis - will never forget the strong, powerful Sistah! People find comfort in her music because it's appealing, and they listen to her words because they are revealing, uncovering thoughts and emotions which many of us would like to express. The power behind her words is a singing voice that subtely expresses the spirit of varied authenticities, that touches each and every individual heart in an intimately personal way. Her performances are like no other - “original soundscapes that blend traditional with original songs, poems, stories which mirriors our collective souls, Freely fusing rhythm, word, and sound powers. It's an ITAL ting, carries a culturally conscience sting, after 50 years knowing it's no eclectic fling.” She calls it a " RASPLE RHAP - SO - DEEP!” Performing at the age of three in Trinidad, she began her travels, education, and musical experiences, which have spanned many places across continents : The U.K, Barbados, Queensland Australia and across Canada. Since turning 33 Sistah has blossmed into the "prima diva" of AfriKan Princess Musical Services, AfriKan P.M.S.for short, at 53 her creative evolution has birthed Creatrix S.O.L.D. "sistahomnilovediva" her strictly acapella Youtube channel. Naturally she intergrates, her talents, energies, and passion, in all her creative expressions three-fold. Sistah is known to awaken and inspire,as well as Educate, Entertain, and Energize, Everytime.