The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Shannon Kent

Nominated by Ashley Taylor
January 26, 2022
Shannon Kent is a dedicated wife, mother and social worker. She has a profound love for children and in the time that I have known her, she has extended her arms, home, wallet and heart to every child that came in contact with her. I could not imagine doing the job that she does, and as a former foster child myself, I know how important the role she has in her career is. It is refreshing to see someone who is not jaded by the social work environment and goes in to give a hundred and twenty percent to each child. She is always thinking of ways that she can make their lives better and how she can support her foster parent homes. As a mother, Shannon takes on the role of managing her sons football activities and has joined in with a few other families to create a safe environment for the boys to learn their sport and perfect their game. She pushes and pushes for every kid on the team and goes to great lengths including picking kids up, taking them to tournaments out of town and even out of state to help relieve the financial burden on other families. She is always willing to do more and I have not once heard her ever ask for payment from anyone, nor does she expect anyone to reciprocate. As a wife, she supports her husband and is his biggest champion. She is the epitome of a strong woman who is raising a strong son and has helped her family thrive. Shannon deserves to feel appreciated and I hope this in turn is just one small way that happens.