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Saurabh chandra sanu

Nominated by Saurabh chandra sanu
November 07, 2020
I am 19 years of age and I am still a second year BA student, yet at the present time I am spreading public awareness in the village as well as during the Corona epidemic, I have arranged a free coaching class through which class 11 And students of 12 are taught political science for free, today no one wants to give free service, everyone wants to earn profit but I believe money is not everything, I like to help others, executive committee member in university Being a teacher, I have helped a lot of children, while teaching in coaching classes, we discuss discussions on various topics to children so that they can develop mentally. I want to work for my society and other people in my life, other students can learn a lot somewhere by taking inspiration from me. I have also contributed by staying in NSS as well as in Scout Guide, I got to learn a lot from which I work in my life taking inspiration.