The Awesome Awards - Nominations


Nominated by Amanda
October 30, 2018
ABOUT SATTYCRAPD At 13 years old, Shyhiem Ross (aka SattyC) is already a veteran of the YouTube music scene. The blue-eyed Georgian has rapped his way to an incredible 9.3K+ YouTube subscribers. On Instagram, he looks like your average teenager, aside from the 3.2K+ followers and occasional shot of him performing live. He sent members of his #CFamily into a frenzy in April 2017 after tweeting this photo, causing his nearly 1M followers to respond with hilarious pictures of them going into hiding. It’s easy to like the smiling, good-natured star, who even said the ‘C’ in his name stands for "can't let anyone decide your future.” Watching SattyC go from a cover and remix artist to someone who releases his own music has been an incredible journey—one that’s still only getting started.